There is an inverse relationship

between volume

and pressure—


ideally, of course.


This is not a closed system,


rules darkly proven

by nerves taut like a bow

fastened too tight


or how cytoplasm boils

down to dirt despite

our best efforts to repent


there’s no flame but

the Kelvins climb

and cells bubble outward


like celebratory champagne


aged too long. Oaken caskets

flood like absent violins.

We are not ideal.


This is not a closed system.


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Hello, fellow bundle of nerves and flesh! I'm a simple little being who's half-poet, half-scientist, and all gelatinous chaos. Sort of like an illogical marshmallow. If you'd like to learn more, please seek out the "First Impressions" page. Thank you for the visit, bundle friend.

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