My dopamine—receptors

and recipe—for stoicism:

adopt a plywood novelty


as ewes overdosed

on oxytocin chew

the crestfallen auras

of abandoned lambs


like clover leaves.

This tastes happy


but new, weaving limited-

edition diaphragms from hay

fever to nest heaving breaths.


I’m yoked to the pituitary gland.

Wheezing with the lunacy seasons.

Alive. I’d rather be the wheels.


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Hello, fellow bundle of nerves and flesh! I'm a simple little being who's half-poet, half-scientist, and all gelatinous chaos. Sort of like an illogical marshmallow. If you'd like to learn more, please seek out the "First Impressions" page. Thank you for the visit, bundle friend.

3 thoughts on “Exchange”

    1. Thank you for the offer: I am quite flattered. 🙂 However, I prefer to keep my social media and poetry separate (note how I have none of my accounts–Twitter, Facebook, etc.–linked here). Despite this, if you show me the group, I’d absolutely love to see it and comment in it.


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