Absences & Advertisements (Not a Poem)

Please excuse my absence of writing and reading poetry on this blog. I’ve entered my senior year of undergraduate work, as well as maintained a full-time neuroengineering position this summer. I absolutely intend on returning when the courses have lightened and my graduate applications are submitted. There are some fabulous poets I have, unfortunately, fallen quite behind in reading, and rest assured that your craft is missed in my literary life. I’ve also initiated a personal project (a.k.a. a chapbook) that has absorbed much writing that could possibly be published on the blog.

Featured is the cover picture for Menacing Hedge (credits to Lily Furedi), which is a beautifully-curated online magazine. Some of my work was published in their most recent edition. I suggest you check it out (due to my bias or not): it was always an abstract favorite of mine, and I was ecstatic for this acceptance.