The Melting

Welcome to the equinox of extended mornings, spreading

out their bubble gum tongues to taste our dehydrated faces.

If our dome can fit a world in one plastic dispenser, velveteen

muscle reaching out to sense the air like a curious mollusk,

then I’ve fit a whole hemisphere in the tip of a ballpoint pen.

In one radiant heat wave, I’ve pooled my mouth into a black

oasis of mud. I’ve lost half of myself and sense of ownership,

breathing through a new sea. Suddenly, I’m alright with this.


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Hello, fellow bundle of nerves and flesh! I'm a simple little being who's half-poet, half-scientist, and all gelatinous chaos. Sort of like an illogical marshmallow. If you'd like to learn more, please seek out the "First Impressions" page. Thank you for the visit, bundle friend.

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