First Impressions

The Casual Introduction

Hello, friend. Or, “fellow bundle of nerves and flesh”, I believe. Regardless. I am someone who likes to write poetry with a tinge of inspiration from scientific discourse. Though it usually revolves around brain and cognitive studies, I’ve delved into some chemistry or otherwise (which are topics, by the good grace of god, I should not be allowed to handle).

What you’ll normally see on this blog are writing exercises that often lead to much stronger poems later on, hopefully to be viewed in a journal or other reputable outlet. Frankly, many of these are fragments or poems that were fun at first but felt lackluster to continue the editing process. “Tastes”, or “nuggets”, if you will.

I love discussion about my work or the writing of other “bundle friends”. Please, feel free to drop a line or any other form of sensory input that catches my attention.

I’m slow to publish at the moment due to a particularly strenuous senior semester and focusing my efforts on editing what I have instead of mindless output. I’m still frequenting the site to read fellow works.

You can often find me playing violent (or violently adorable) video games on my PS4 or PC, cooking up another citrus-based chicken dish with unpopular rice, or teaching others how to legally hit people with sticks as the president of the Fencing Club.

The Scholarly Introduction

My name is Jenna Kelly. I am a senior neuroscience and psychology student at Coe College, aspiring to land a career in biomedical research, particularly in the cognitive or behavioral sciences. Realistically, my current goal is getting into a graduate program and learning to enjoy those [hopefully] five years of questionable job security and overwhelming academic liberty. My previous research experiences include psychopharmacology and neuroengineering. I’ve studied the effect of methamphetamine on conditioned place preference in young cockerels, as well as how rTMS alters the ability for people to use brain-computer interfaces. Basically, I’ve injected many bird abdomens and applied multiple EEG caps. Yep: there’s my career.

At least I got to learn a little MATLAB along the way. Yay.

However, as is the proper etiquette as an attendee of a liberal arts institution, my majors are supplemented with a creative writing minor. I’ve worked as a poetry editor on The Coe Review for three years, an international literary magazine that publishes fiction and poetry. I’ve been writing for about a decade now, starting with my father oddly forcing me to read Poe’s The Black Cat. Since this date, I’ve accumulated over one thousand poems in my history (though their quality is never assured). My recently published pieces will appear under the “Publications” tab.

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