Nuptial Requests

Which retail outlet allows Dragon Eggs on their registry?

Use their yolks for the batter. Use the whites for the frosting.

Rip the magic from their bosom and sew it into the chiffon.

Decorate the cake with leftover shells and call me a woman.

Juxtapose us in the oven and bake to the internal temperature

of a myth.  Here, let the Maid of Honor sprinkle the top tier

and may the fondant couple come to life – I’ve carefully selected

a fine puppeteer from among my peers. Craft the flower girl

from buttercream and the ring bearer from leftover machines.

Craft our bands from the guts of abandoned carousel unicorns.

Make sure you can still see the grooves from their rusted reins.

At the altar, we’ll chomp on the bits until our gums finally bleed,

frost our faces with the hearts of legends and loving smiles.


Thank you for the pyromancy

when our aortic spiders incubated

their reservoirs of pressure and spindles


her shimmering body crawled out like

glitchy escalators from a haunted parlor


blushed with rubber and oxytocin

wearing fragile circlets of contraction


divine its chromosomes in cobwebs such

gasping chambers for little phalanges such


pastures of copper all the mating

cells in those fire whirl fingerprints


the fetus is squeezed out in fat  

globules like princess sequins


listen: branded with stellar iron

it was named like a constellation


(and they called it hot hemoglobin

and they called it a kaleidoscope)


we herded its horned astrocytes

like a bull and hogtied it a heart